Bringing WhatsApp to Sell - we want your feedback!


  • Harry Bolton

    whatsapp would be great - but booking appointments for sales is definitely more important. difficult to do now currently in sell

  • Katarzyna Kurzyńska - Madej
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Harry Bolton

    Thank you for your feedback. Do you mean allowing prospects to book appointments with sales reps via a link or other improvements to our appointments experience? I want to make sure, that we capture your need right. 



  • Harry Bolton

    Yes! Scheduling appointments between internal sales staff <> cold leads/prospects.
    But with an appointment template that includes all shceduling info on the calendar invite, a meeting link for the specific sales rep (one template per rep, per meeting type)

    So the template would include:
    - meeting link
    - description (harry the sales rep will walk you through etc etc etc process)
    - meeting summary

    Currently have to type all of this out manually

    Could be done in 2 clicks. 1. date 2. meeting template
    (sales rep assigned in round robin)

  • Katarzyna Kurzyńska - Madej
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Harry Bolton Thanks, that makes sense :) 


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