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    Sean Chuang
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Update October 4, 2023


    We are assessing it at the moment. Thanks for your patience.



    Hi Suzanne, 

    Thanks for the feedback. Evil robots are no good. Let us dig into this and see what is possible. Please do note that a change in this will not come in the short term.


  • William Flaugher

    Sean Chuang it's the same problem that we face with callback requests. Both paths go directly to the pre-defined confirmation message, which creates an incredibly disjointed feel for callers. Voice A walks them through 99% of the IVR, but Voice B confirms their request for a call/text back.

    We'd be very interested in the ability to control these recordings, similar to how we control the rest of our IVR experience. If the phone number itself is the problem, maybe give us the option to record a voice saying each number?

  • Jason

    Is this something that is still being looked into? I agree, the confirmation for textback sounds terrible. I would rather upload my own message stating press 1 to receive a text message on the phone you are calling from or press 2 to enter a new number. We could have have our voice over person do this recording which would sound much better.

  • Kevin Froleiks

    Also using the text back feature but would prefer if we didn't have this robotic voice and could replace it with a custom greeting like the rest of the IVR menu.

  • Benj Gilman

    Bumping this for any timeline for this modification. Sean Chuang? The robot voice makes the function useless in our instance.


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