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  • Lou
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    When you talk about their products, I'm guessing those products are global to your Zendesk instance?

    If not, you could look at is Roles. We're looking at doing something similar for a client, but we're very early in the process.

    With roles, you can limit them to tickets in their groups AND prevent them from editing ticket properties. You'd need to set up a separate group for them, of course. This should satisfy your last two points.

    As far as the reports, you can then limit them to the group/role to possibly get what you need.

  • Nathan Cassella


    The role solution doesn't meet the requirements. In roles, you can limit options but can't wholly limit ticket interaction.

    The OEM Partner isn't supporting the products with the customer; they just need to view data.

    Sure I can assign the OEM partner to a group, but then I need to make sure all tickets for that OEM's products are assigned to that group, which ruins existing workflows, reports, and whatnot.

    Additionally, the OEM partner can make comments on the ticket (which there is no way to turn off). They will also have the ability to see ALL end-user profiles, view permissions, apply macros, and a whole slew of other things.

    What needs to exist is the ability to provide explore reports with drill-in options to specific end-user without needing to spend licenses and create roles that give system access.

  • CJ Johnson

    One option: You can make public Dashboards to share with them, that include drill-in options on the dashboard. Anyone with the link can view and interact with the Dashboard, but not make or edit the reports. They would not be able to click through and view the full tickets from the report, however, which sounds like a part of what you would want. 


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