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  • Sebastiaan (Sparkly ⭐)
    Community Moderator

    Hey Andrew,

    I have not run into this for secure settings specifically, but I have for hidden settings.

    In that case it was a stringified JSON payload that we (conditionally) split in half and divided over 2 settings. On retrieval we concatenated this. I guess this might not work for plenty of the secure setting use cases, but who knows ;)

  • Andrew

    Thank you for your response however this will not work since it is a JWT I am using to connect to my company's oauth. It is specified in the manifest.json file as such:

    "parameters": [
    "name": "token",
    "type": "oauth"
    "oauth": {
    "client_id": "CID",
    "client_secret": "CS",
    "authorize_uri": "URL/token",
    "access_token_uri": "URL/token"

    The value for this is entered when I install the app and that is where I am facing this issue with the char limit.

    Andrew Wells 

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