On app install create custom object definition and relationship(s)


  • Sal

    Hi Andrew

    You can do this my putting a requirements.json file in the route of your project.

    Check out https://developer.zendesk.com/documentation/apps/app-developer-guide/apps_requirements/ to full details on what the file should contain.

    One gotcha is if the requirements can’t be satisfied the app while installing via ZCLI, it will be disabled with no warnings. When you try to enable it will provide feedback.

  • Andrew


    I was able to create the custom object I need through the requirement.json file. I even went expanded on this to add fields that the app will be using. I noticed that forms arent mentioned as an item we could specify in the requirement.json file. Is there a way to specify a form as well? If not then thats fine. Creating a form is a lot easier than creating all the fields time and again. 
    Thanks for you help sir!


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