"get base" bcc cc emails


  • Patrycja Walencik
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Aaron Bourget 

    Thank you for your feedback. If I understood correctly your use case I would like to explain how getbase Bcc works, and suggest a potential solution. 

    In Sell we have 2 types of getbase Bcc feature: 

    -> dedicated for contact which is global - it means every contact has the same related bcc address 
    -> dedicated for deals which is unique - it means every deal has the unique bcc address 

    Because we have a global bcc address for the contact you can try to write an email and put all contact's addresses email in the "TO" field and add one getbase Bcc address in the "BCC" field [ see printscreen] 

    In this way, you should see the message in all related contacts in Sell. 

    I hope the above information is helpful. 

  • Aaron Bourget

    I can log into my non work gmail and send an email with attachments to one of the getbase emails that zendesk automatically generated for a deal and Zendesk will auto add / archive the email with attachments. That is a great feature and has tons of potential, but completely useless if the only way to find the getbase email address is to search zendesk for the deal, copy / paste the getbase email , then forward the email to that address - at that point I could have just copy pasted the email to Zendesk. I just need a list of all of our deals and their corresponding unique getbase email addresses. My plan is to write a google appscript that pulls updates from gmail finds corresponding getbase email, then forward to the deal to auto archive updates. I just need a Zendesk tech to add the ability export a list of getbase emails if possible. Might be an easy fix, since you guys already have the data I'm requesting. Thanks!


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