Chat - Broadcast routing limited to Agents by Group.


  • Marie Hayes

    This would be super useful for us too!   

  • James Clark

    Following up on this. Is there anyway this can be done?

  • Radboud Van de Pol

    We have a problem with chat routing to specific groups (service center and Operations). When a new chat is offered to the service center group, it also allerts operations eventhough they are not able to serve this ticket. Notify is set on assinged. Does anybody know how to fix this?

  • Sabra
    Zendesk Customer Care

    James Clark - right now, this can't be done, but I recommend continuing to follow this article to get updates around any changes!

    And Radboud Van de Pol -- it sounds like you may have an issue with group/department routing not working as expected. I'd check out this article for troubleshooting recommendations: Department routing is not working correctly in chat. If you are still having issues after reviewing that article, please reach out to our Support team who can provide additional help on the specifics of your account. 


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