Enable Users to Self Send Transcripts from Messenger Conversations


  • Cristobal Gutierrez

    Yes, please! 🙂

  • Helena Lytvynenko

    I agree, that would be very helpful, please!   :) 

  • Ayna Pirkuliyeva

    As a Zendesk user I would love to see this feature too, it would be very helpful to our customers.

  • Olivier Foessel

    Great idea, that would really enhance Zendesk experience and definitely be helpful!

  • Madita Richards

    Please, we need this!!

  • Sara Galvan

    This would be a great and welcomed feature. Please help us, help our customer experience improve with this addition. 

  • Kellie Aguilar

    We used to have this function. Not sure why someone felt it was need needed. Please restore this.

  • Wesley Readdick

    Kellie Aguilar you're absolutely right! We had it on ZD Chat, but when we moved to Messenger sadly we lost it and our customers had become accustomed to this convenient and reliable service from us. Zendesk Devs any chance we could get this feature back in Messenger? We have customers asking for it and considering our strong commitment to delightful user experiences the reintroduction of this tool will help us continue to serve on that promise to our users.

  • Frank

    Definitely could use this feature even if it is the ability to send a transcript when one is requested - that would be helpful too. Thanks!



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