I want to modify an article.hbs template to include text at the top of the article body


  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Sharon,
    A good place to add text in article_page.hbs for these purposes could be right above the article's title:
    <article id="main-content" class="article">
    <header class="article-header">
    <h1 title="{{article.title}}" class="article-title">
    If you want to add some styling to make the text stand out, there's a good method here: How can I add a disclaimer to a Help Center article? It's describing how you'd add a callout to an individual article, but the same method could be applied to the article template in order to make the callout appear in every article. Hope that helps!
  • Sharon Burton

    That was the piece I needed! I couldn't find it no matter how many search words I tried. Thank you!


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