Messaging Web Widget: Flow Builder > Connect other Flows from Present Options step


  • Lucy Husband

    This is something we could really use, being able to keep branching out to another flow. If a user has another shipping related question, a new flow of related shipping answers should be able to link in here to save the user having the need to start over or think of key words.

  • Ola Timpson

    This would be useful for us, if a user starts out thinking their issue is in one area but their answers indicate actually a different flow would help them.

  • Dustin Swayne

    Need this ASAP!  Goes right along with the multiple answer flow instead of having one huge flow.

  • Kim Roque

    I was also thinking of something similar to this feature.

    It's like giving alternatives to customers to proceed to other flows or triggers.

    For example, linking "a trigger/intent" (trigger A) inside another trigger/intent (trigger B) so there is no need to duplicate the contents of a trigger A but continue the flow of trigger B with trigger A.


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