Starring e-mails in Sell



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    Patrycja Walencik
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Update: 01/03/2023

    I am happy to share that we launched the ability to starring messages. You can find more information here 

    Hi, Julia
    Thank you for sharing your experience and helping us improve our product. To be honest, we don't have these points on our roadmap right now, but we will take them it consideration in future developments. 

    Kind regards, 

  • Julia

    I would like to add the feature to search on the contact/company card for a specific email or even note. 

    When a user needs to search for an email not send by that user, there is currently no other way than to scroll down and click and open every email individually and read through them. It is possible to search for notes using the general search bar, but it would be preferred to be able to do this more specifically as well. 


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