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  • Konstantin

    Brandon Fish,

    As far as I can tell, this is auto-set to all Jira items once the Zendesk connector is put in place, to allow for linking at any point within a Task, Issue, or Epic's lifecycle. One method my company has implemented, is building Screens for each project space's Issue layout, and putting the fields that individuals need to focus on within the Screen. Then we have it set so automation populates all other fields (i.e. the ones still loaded on the right-hand side of the Screen) based on values set within either Zendesk or the fields within the Screen.


  • Marwan Al Jeburi

    Hi Brandon Fish,

    That is indeed the way the connector works. It does not provide fine control over the resulting information displayed on Jira side.

    It is however possible to use a more specialised solution named Exalate

    Exalate Will provide you with full control regarding the information send from ZenDesk, And where and how to display that information on Jira Cloud issues using native or custom fields. Amongst a host of other features like status mapping and such. 

    It is also fully decentralised allowing both parties to fully control the data send and how it is being processed when received.

    Please let me know if you need any further help or support.


    Kind regards,


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