Refresh expired bearer token automatically


  • Jupete Manitas
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi there, thanks for writing in! 
    We don't see in our docs that the bearer token (Webhook security and authentication) for webhook will expire. However, have you tried checking your API limits and your webhook activity log wherein from there your webhook logging can be captured?
    Otherwise, we recommend you create a conversation with us so we can investigate it further. Thank you!  
  • Aravindaraj J

    Hello Jupete,

    Thanks for your response. My webhook is from ServiceNow, triggers created in Zendesk are updated to ServiceNow through the Webhook endpoint set in the Zendesk page.

    For authenticating the ServiceNow Webhook endpoint in Zendesk, we use the bearer token and this is valid only for 30min. For security purpose, ServiceNow cannot generate a never-expiring token but they will share a 'Refresh Token' (with client_id, client_secret info) which can be used to generate access tokens any number of times.

    Now, in Zendesk there is no option to enter refresh_token, client_id, client_secret to generate access tokens automatically when it expires. Or do we have such an option in Zendesk?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Jupete Manitas
    Zendesk Customer Care

    H Aravindaraj, 

    As we checked, it looks like we don't have that option in Zendesk. Even the native OAuth feature doesn't use refresh tokens. And the access token doesn't expire. You may also revisit the webhook authentication here - Webhook security and authentication .


  • Marwan Al Jeburi

    Hi Aravindaraj J,

    Authentication seems to be a hassle to work with across various systems and platforms.

    Allow me to suggest a solution that not only resolves the authentication issues, but also provides a host of additional features to make integrating ZenDesk and ServiceNow much easier and feature rich.

    Exalate is a fully decentralised integration solution that will allow you to integrate ZenDesk with ServiceNow without the need for direct authentication as Exalate on ZenDesk will communicate to Exalate on ServiceNow it allows you to have full control on the info/data send and how this info/data is received and displayed. Plus allowing for data manipulation and setting up control flow.

    Have a look and let me know if it fits you needs.


    Kind regards,


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