Light User Access for Sell


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    Patrycja Walencik
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Kate Woollard

    Thanks for sharing feedback and the product expectations. We have noted it.
    Unfortunately, this is not on the immediate roadmap to tackle.


  • Gerben Van Ranst

    This would be an interesting feature for us too. We currently have ZenDesk support and ZenDesk Sell. Our Application Engineers are multifunctional and provide customer support as well as product demonstrations together with our Sales Rep's.

    To keep track of which Application Engineer is/was involved with which Lead (this can become rather complex), would be a great added value in Sell. A starting point would be a link to ZenDesk Support from the ZenDesk Sell Collaborators field. Better still would indeed be something similar to Light Agent.

    Thank you


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