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  • Mike Davis
    User Group Leader
    Zendesk Luminary

    👋 Hi everyone! My name is Mike Davis and I'm the user group leader for the community manager user group. Here's a link to our chapter.

    A bit about me
    I'm the Digital Experience Manager at Workiva, a cloud-based software company based out of Ames, Iowa, where I'm located. I manage the Workiva Community, as well as many other digital and customer experience aspects. I've been in the customer success and community space for a decade, and a Zendesk Admin for the past 3 years. On a personal note, I enjoy running, watching movies, reading classic novels, and eating sour candies.

    About the group
    The community manager user group is all about and for, you guessed it, community managers and professionals. We meet (or hope to meet) monthly, virtually, and discuss topics in and around the community space. From beginners to seasoned vets, all experience levels are welcome, even if you are not using platforms outside of Zendesk. It's a community of community people. What could be better?

    Feel free to hit me up on here, or in LinkedIn. And thanks for providing the space as well Drew Frey. 🍻

  • Drew Frey
    Zendesk Community Manager

    👋  Welcome, Mike Davis! We're all so happy to have you join and lead the Customer Manager User Group! 


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