Android - Toolbar back button event of Zendesk Messaging Activity


  • Mei-E Loh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Manisha, 

    If i understand correctly, you want to give your customers the ability to end a chat through the sdk?

    If so, the SDK adds Zendesk Messaging capability rather than a live chat.  So the user experience is more of a continuous ongoing conversation and the chat cannot be ended from client side. The best way to end a chat and create a new ticket is to use triggers or automations to close a ticket. 

    You can check out a detailed breakdown of the differences between messaging and live chat in Zendesk messaging vs live chat: Which is right for you.

    If you could also let us know why a customer ending a chat is important for your business, we maybe able to offer other alternatives. 



  • Manisha Prajapati

    Hi Mei-E Loh,

    I have used Zendesk SDK using implement Live chat with MessagingActiivty
    Please check below code snippet.

    val chatConfiguration = ChatConfiguration.builder()
    this.context?.let {
    .show(it, chatConfiguration)

    I am able to customize basic UI changes but Zendesk Messing SDK not exposed events or API for end chat.

    I want to perform an action on the end chat event so I need an end chat event.

    I tried to implement using the Parent-child activity but Messaging Activity launched on top of the activity, not in the child activity.

    So please help me out using resolved this issue.



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