Allow admin to prevent certain fuzzy search matches


  • Nicky Clark

    I completely agree. 

    We have clients complaining that they struggle to figure out which articles are helpful to them because the search results return so many possible matches, and they feel overwhelmed. 

    A good example is that I can search for "gender" and had 34 possible matches return. Only 2 of our articles actually contain the word gender - the rest were all matching on terms like "general", "generally" and "generated", and the articles that actually feature the word gender are not sufficiently prioritised. 

    I understand the intent of fuzzy search and can see how it's picked up those terms, but for our users, it's creating noise more than being helpful. 

    It would be extremely beneficial for us to be able to disable and/or restrict the intensity of this feature. 

  • Liam Jones

    Also agree.


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