Trigger CSAT Email for Talk Tickets


  • Anne Ronalter
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Lara,

    that is correct, unfortunately, it is currently not possible for end-users to leave a satisfaction rating over the phone in Zendesk Talk.

    In our Community post CSAT For Talk, one of our users is sharing a workaround by creating a new ticket field in combination with a trigger and automaton.
    Here you can find the link to the workaround via SMS which you can use as an example to adjust to send an Email instead. 

  • Lara Cox

    Hi Anne Ronalter Thanks for your reply. 

    I just want to clarify specifically that I'm not asking about the ability for end users to leave a satisfaction rating over the phone in ZenDesk Talk after a call, but rather if the end user's email address is known on their user profile, how can be enable the automation to send a followup CSAT email once the support ticket is solved (regardless of the channel the ticket is received in). When we receive tickets from web, api, and via email, CSAT sends effectively. 

    Prior to implementing Agent Workspace, we could choose to 'change requestor' above the comments section and modify to the end user's email address from the phone number, but now the only option to 'change requestor' is to edit the requestor field, which identifies the end user as a whole regardless of the method in which the inbound contact was received from. 

    If we are able to send a public email reply to a ticket created from Talk that originated as a phone call from a customer if the email address is known on the end user, should sending CSAT not work the same? This seems like a pretty big flaw in the system and I'm not seeing a lot of feedback on this which is really surprising. For businesses who have 50% of their inbound contacts via phone, that's a lot of information lacking in terms of customer feedback. The workaround to implement SMS isn't viable for customer's who don't already leverage SMS or have any reason to, and the fees associated with SMS as a separate function is a huge deterrent. 

  • Joyce
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hey Lara,
    The automation Request customer satisfaction rating (System Automation) does not work on Talk tickets due to its condition "Privacy Is Ticket has public comments". Talk tickets do not include any public comments preventing this automation to work.

    There are two workarounds available to send CSAT on Talk tickets where end users have a known email address:
    1. Requiring your agents to send a public comment on the ticket before marking it as Solved
    2. Or, create a new CSAT automation intended for Talk tickets. Clone the automation "Request customer satisfaction rating (System Automation)". Remove the condition "Privacy Is Ticket has public comments" and then add the condition "Channel Is Phone call (incoming)". This automation will not require adding a public comment in the ticket to work.
    Hope this helps!

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