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  • Christine
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hey Frank,

    You may check out this article that might be related to your end-users not having email addresses in their user profiles. See Why do I keep receiving chats with no customer email or phone number?
    As outlined in the article, these are the possible reasons:
    • If a chat is manually requested by the visitor, they are required to fill in your pre-chat form. If the chat is started by a proactive trigger, the pre-chat form requirement is bypassed.
    • In some cases, if the end user replies to an expired chat session created by a proactive trigger, a new chat is created without the visitor's name and email address.
    • Another instance where this can occur is when the visitor's session to Chat times out but the window or tab does not close. If the customer reconnects to the widget to send a new message, the pre-chat form will not automatically be presented to the visitor.
    To resolve this, please take a look at the steps here: How do I ensure the pre-chat form is presented to a visitor if they time out then reconnect?
    If this doesn't help, kindly raise a ticket with our support team directly and we'll be glad to look further. Thanks!

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