Feature request - Explore change attribute widget formatting options don't affect the buttons


  • CJ Johnson

    Bad news: They are removing most/all of this functionality related to this that exists currently in the "new" Dashboard builder, and have told me there are no plans to introduce any new further fixes or features to the existing one. 
    You can check out what's being removed (it's a lot) here: 

    Title options, font choices, even choosing your own spacing, it's all being removed. They are also removing "Change Metrics" entirely, so down the road, you won't even be able to make this report. I'm not thrilled myself, either.

  • mfg

    CJ Johnson - thanks for sharing that link. Simply breathtaking. My benefit-of-the-doubt voice is telling me that there must be a coherent strategy for replacing all these features, and a corresponding post somewhere that isn't just some choppy bullet list with zero context. Have you seen one?


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