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  • Tess French
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi there Trae, 
    Thank you, this is excellent feedback; I have noted it and will share it with the team. Adding groups to our team member pages in Admin Center (and improving that overall flow) is one of our near-term roadmap items, so we hear you and are on it.

    If you're feeling generous with your time, could you share more about your team management workflow? e.g. how often are you changing team members groups? How do you typically get team members into Zendesk?

    And thank you again; detailed feedback like this is one of the ways we prioritise features and changes to our roadmap. 
    - Tess

  • Carmelo Rigatuso

    I'd like to add my plus one here. Everything related to user management should be on the same page. All the options that are on the user's page in Support should exist in the user's page on the admin center.

    We use SSO to log in to Zendesk from our internal Marketplace. So nearly all of the time, when I need to create an agent, they already exist as an end user. Ideally, if I search for a team member by email and that email belongs to an end user, I should be able to see their user profile (or a part of it, like name, email, and org) with the option to upgrade that user.


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