Answer Bot should work with Zendesk Chat Classic



  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Govindraj,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback and for being a loyal Chat customer over the years. 

    From a direction and prioritisation standpoint, it is true that the company is investing more on the Messaging experience and transitioning customers from Chat to Messaging. I noticed you are on a Suite boost right now and your account is eligible for Messaging. Have you tried it out on a different account and not liked something about it? Would love to hear your feedback around Messaging if/when you have tried it out alongside agent workspace.

    In terms of Flow Builder expanding to support Chat, that is not in the roadmap for 2023 and the team is focusing on building out more functionality for the Messaging channels. If you want a similar experience of building a bot flow that can do a handover to Chat, I would suggest looking at one of the Zendesk bot partners like Ada. They offer a fairly comprehensive bot builder tool and one of the actions they have is to handover to a chat agent. 

    Other chat bot parter options are listed here:

    The team continues to maintain and support the Chat experience today but new features or enhancements are not going to get prioritised as we want to solve those problems with the newer Messaging experience. 




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