Messaging Bot flow


  • Lisa Tam
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Yasser,

    Thanks for your feedback. Are you wanting to copy answers between different bots or within the same bot? If the latter you can work around this by copying and pasting the bot flow content over to the other answer.

  • Harper Dane

    Lisa Tam Unfortunately that solution only works intermittently, and I've never seen a successful copy and paste for flows that contain Carousels. Those always have to be completely re-done by hand.

    Sometimes cloning or copy-pasting also does strange things with rule branches, such as swapping your "open hours" rules with your "closed hours" rules for Business Hours conditions.

    Copying bot flows is so unreliable that I default to simply re-writing everything by hand, rather than dealing with the many irritating quirks of copy-pasting steps.


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