Can i disable file attachment for admin?


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    Sasha Zakharenko

    Hi Nurymkhan!

    As we discussed in the call, here is the proposed solution:

    1. Create a ticket Side Bar App
    2. Listen to comment.attachments.changed
    3. If an attachment is added, fire another API call to delete the attachment from the comment
    4. [Optional] Show dialog/modal on error about adding the attachment
    5. Result: If the agent press Send button, it will still not deliver the message
    This will be the generic solution since it is workable for both Comment base (email) + Messaging
    If it's too complicated - our PS and partners are here to help. 
    We will be visiting your company next week, see you!
  • Greg Katechis
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hi Nurymkhan! We do not have an available method in ZAF to disable the attachment option in the ticket editor.

  • First Heartland Jusan Bank

    Hi Greg. And there is no way to solve this?

  • First Heartland Jusan Bank

    Hi Sasha Zakharenko!
    If you mean Delte Upload endpoint - this removes the attachment file itself, but does not exclude it  from the comment.

    Perhaps you meant some other endpoint?
    Thank you for your feedback.

  • Adam Leeflang

    Hi all,

    then how does this work?


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