Zendesk / Jira connector


  • Mathieu Lepoutre



    you can configure log4j to log warning or error messages related to the connector. Locate the log4j configuration file: The log4j configuration file is usually located in the <Jira-installation-directory>/atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/classes directory. 

    Save and restart Jira: Save the log4j file and restart Jira to apply the changes.

    For a more straightforward approach, please check out the decentralized integration solution called Exalate.

  • Brett Connor

    Hi Mathieu.

    We were told that the connector does not write anything to log4j, and we have been unable to find any log output from it. Are you saying it does write to log4j? Do you under what class name / logger name? Do you have an example log4j.properties snippet?


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