How can I forward tickets from a specific channel to an agent/ group?


  • Ollie



    Theres a useful article here about private ticket groups which will leave visibility for users only in that group (unless the ticket is transferred out).


    To route emails you'd be better using a trigger rather than automation. In the All Conditions put Received at Then in actions select Group and choose the required group. You can also assign other things like the form, ticket status etc here.


    Hope this helps.

  • Denise Huber

    Hey Oliver,

    Thank you! Unfortunately we are not using Enterprise, only Professional. But your tip regarding using triggers was really helpful!

  • Gabriel Manlapig
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Denise, 

    In addtion, when you add agents to groups, define their privileges on their profile page. One of those privileges is called Access. This defines the agent's access to tickets. Select Tickets in agent's groups.

    I hope that helps! 
  • Denise Huber

    Hi Gabriel,

    Thanks for this addition. From what I have found in my search, this is only available for Enterprise. We use Professional. 



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