Answer bot support for date and number type custom field



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    Lisa Tam
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thanks for sharing your use case. That makes sense to have validations in place to prevent end-users from entering data in the wrong format. I've captured this feedback to take into consideration. Thanks.

  • Lisa Tam
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Akash,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback. Can you share more information on the problem you're wanting to solve with date, numbers and regex  custom fields where text/dropdowns can't solve? 

  • Akash

    Hi Lisa,

    In our scenario, we request a combination of Date of Birth and other fields to authenticate our customers. We have been using the text field to accept date, but since this is a text field, user could practically type anything and ends up failing the authentication. So to avoid this and any confusions with date format, it would be better to have support for date fields within answerbot

  • Mike

    I would like to integrate an API call for a timetable query. In this use case, the date and time are mandatory fields. However, if the input is not validated, the API call may fail due to incorrect data.

  • Cesar

    +1. One of our customers needs to add a regex field to the bot when asking for detalis, but it cannot be added.

  • Adam B

    +1 for Date to be added to the Answer Bot supported field types list. We use DoB as a verification and it is a poor customer experience to have this as a text field


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