Undocumented view conditions


  • Greg Katechis
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hi Michael! I just checked my test account and I'm not seeing those view conditions when I go to `api/v2/views/1234`...could you let me know what endpoint you're hitting when you receive that and I'll dig in and see where that may be coming from?

  • Rafael Santos
    User Group Leader

    The conditions received_from and sent_to are respective to Ticket Sharing

    The condition object is formatted like:

    "field" "sent_to",
    "operator": "is",
    "value": "1234567890987"

    in which that ID can be retrieved from /api/v2/sharing_agreements

    • received_from for sharing agreements with type: inbound
    • sent_to for sharing agreements with type: outbound
  • Michael Amromin

    Rafael, thank you so much for your answer

    I see that received_from, sent_to conditions are available in views. I need to know are these conditions available in triggers and automations. Unfortunately, sharing agreements are not configured in our dev account. Apparently you have them configured. Could you please tell me are are these conditions available in triggers and automations?

    Greg, thank you for your attention

    I've noticed received_from, sent_to and via_subtype_id conditions in json file our customer provided. I have no access to the real account so can not provide the link.

    I also noticed that the such common conditions as brand_id and ticket_form_id are missed in the documentation too.

    It would be great to document all these conditions brand_id, ticket_form_id, received_from, sent_to and via_subtype_id.


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