Handle lead deduplication in Zendesk Sell


  • Kate Woollard

    We have new leads come in all the time that are already customers and it creates a new lead rather than add to the existing customer. The email addresses are the same but they never merge. It's annoying. I hope we get an answer to this one. Thank you 

  • Julia

    Hi both, 

    Just found your question since I was trying to find the answer to some other question. But I think I can help. 

    There are some options:
    1) Using the duplicate lead manager widget that you can download from the marketplace. It tells you if the lead or company already exists (as lead or contact) and you can merge them more easily > https://www.zendesk.com/marketplace/apps/sell/243427/duplicate-lead-manager/?queryID=a1407ee18b1400f8ccd5c96062eb998d

    2) Set up the duplication rules in the settings so that when you convert the lead they'll merge

    3) Make sure that whatever integration you are using before they enter already checks if the lead exists and update them rather than creating another one. 

    I hope it helps! 

    Cheers, Julia

  • Kate Woollard

    Thanks Julia, 

    I've installed to give it a go. I notice that Zendesk have a built in duplicate manager but it's never worked for me. Hopefully this plug in does. Also, it may have changed since you last used it. The settings don't offer any options. It's just plug in and go. 

    Appreciate your assistance, thanks for posting :-)

  • Julia

    You're welcome Kate. I agree about the duplicate manager, it's very specific or not specific enough sometimes. 
    The widget does create visibility, but not ideal. 

    So your post is still relevant for Zendesk to have a look at how to further improve this super common issue! 


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