How to find OAuth token for my account


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    Charles Nadeau
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Abdul, did you first create an OAuth client and an access token? For more information, see Creating and using OAuth access tokens with the API.

  • Abdul Hameed P

    Thank you Charles Nadeau

    I just created an OAuth client. then I find the Access token.. :)


    I have another 2 queries.. Please suggest some solutions for that..

    Query 1: Whenever user send a message in the Chat area, It should be automatically copied and pasted into the Query text box, which is in the UI of the app.. Whether its possible to copy the user message automatically and pasted into the text box of my app?.. 

    I'm trying with this command.. 

    Whether this command will work, inorder to get the user message automatically from the chat area?

    Query 2: So, after generating the responses it will be previewed in the UI, and the Agent will choose any one of it.. Then, it will be pasted into the Agent text editor area..  And My requirement is, When Agent click the send button, the field or text boxes and generated responses all should be refreshed or cleared.. How to make this interaction..

    So, can you please suggest any Zendesk API calls there for these 2 requirements..

    Looking forward for solutions..

    Thank you..




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