Reporting Problem Tickets with Number of Incidents, based on a tag in the Problem Ticket


  • David Stalker

    Hi Ilaria,

    Instead of creating a custom metric, have you tried creating a custom attribute?

    I've had success reporting on tags this way and it would allow you to create your reports and filter by the new attribute or even to create a single report sliced by that attribute so you could show counts for both tags in a single report.

    The attribute I would build would look something like this:
    IF (INCLUDES_ALL([Ticket tags],"tag_1")) THEN "Tag 1"
    ELIF (INCLUDES_ALL([Ticket tags],"tag_2")) THEN "Tag 2"

    As I say, you could then use this attribute to filter your report and/or add it to rows or columns to separate your counts for “Tag 1” and “Tag 2” tickets.

    Hope that's helpful.

  • Ilaria

    Hi David Stalker, the suggestion to create a custom attribute was very useful, thank you!

    However I'm still having issues, because if I use the new attribute to filter the report, I get the error "No data available. Check your filters and calculations".

    I've double-checked and the custom attributes are correctly set.

    Maybe this is an issue caused by the fact that I have two metrics there... one for tickets and one for Problem tickets. I applied those two different tags only to Problem tickets, because I wanted the report to show me only the Problem tickets that have Tag_A, or problem tickets that have Tag_B, and to also show me how many incidents are in each of them. The incidents don't have either of those two tags. I was hoping that Explore would be more user-friendly from this point of view :( 


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