Reading Bot Conversations that don't transfer to agent


  • Steve Lacoss
    Zendesk Luminary

    Hi Jeremy,

    I believe that this is not possible because a ticket is not created until transferred to an agent, which means you are not able to view the bot interaction in advance.  What I did was set up some customer drop down fields related to the flow which the customer is in when requesting an agent. A trigger will  update the left side of the ticket and have the KB show relevant articles.  

    The agent still  has to do the work but at least they have an idea of what the customer is asking at the start.

    Hope this helps

  • Jeremy

    Thanks for responding, Steve Lacoss. Do you have any alternative ways to get insights about customer interactions with the bot -- what is working and what isn't working?

  • Steve Lacoss
    Zendesk Luminary

    There is a Zendesk Dashboard for Answer bot. When creating your flows, make sure to make each option selection possesses an unique title even if copied from another flow.  This will allow you to track the customer clicks during the bot interactions and see what is clicked more than others. 

    The dashboard also tracks what the customers are asking the bot and whether the request was answered with relevant flows.  Deflection can be tracked by the % that ended up requesting an agent. 

    This would be the place to start. There are some great articles on this topic which you may find helpful.


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