Bug on new request list experience (Beta)



  • Spencer Barrett

    Hey Tanaway, 

    I believe I found the issue some time ago. When logging in as an admin and then assuming access as an end-user it looks like somehow cached cookies or information may still be utilized in the list that the agents can view. The only way I could view only the customer-facing fields was to log in on a test account in our Production instance in an incognito window. Any time I logged into a normal browser or incognito browser first with my normal admin account and then went to assume a user additional fields would be populated.


    Spencer Barrett

  • Tanawat Oonwattana

    Hi Spencer,

    This is actually true, tried incognito with the actual signing in with end-user's id/pw and do not see the fields, thanks for the recommendation!

  • Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you for bringing this up.

    Just to confirm what Spencer Barrett writes, no fields are being exposed to users that would not already have access to them, but team members are able to see fields they would have access to in Agent workspace and this also happens with assumed end users like Spencer mentions.


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