Feature Request: Email Rescheduling/Blackout Dates


  • Kyle Komen

    Hi Nicole, I posted this in the Reach feedback, but also wanted to send to you here: 

    I feel like Reach is super barebones compared to other email sending platforms I’ve used. Some examples:

    -Bounced emails continue to be emailed in a sequence. They should be automatically filtered out or deleted (AND refunded credit if I used a prospect credit to get the email)

    -Emails can’t be scheduled for certain times/time ranges, and sequence steps can’t be scheduled for certain times/time ranges (for example, send after 8 business days between 2pm-4pm local time)

    -There is nowhere to see a calendar of how many emails are going out on what days

    -There is no way to cap the amount of emails sent (if I set my limit at 200 emails, and 250 fall on a day, then 50 should automatically bump to the next day).

    -There is no way block out certain days for vacations or holidays… as it stands, I could unknowingly be sending emails on Christmas Day…

    -There is no way to reschedule or move emails. I should be able to see my emails going out for the day and reschedule some or all if needed

    Maybe (hopefully) I’m missing some of these feature and just haven’t found them yet! Please let me know if so. If not, I’d love these to be added to the list of potential improvements. If not, I’ll have to keep my subscription to Growbots to handle email sending.

    Thank you,

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Thanks for posting your feedback, Kyle. 
  • Kyle Komen

    No problem. Also related, we should be able to set an email limit per day, and emails are automatically rescheduled if they go over. Now the 300 email limit just stops sending. If 305 happened to land on the same day, then 5 won't be sent. There should be a way to set a limit and anything over that limit rolls to the next day (like a blackout date). 


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