Enabling use of two different phone numbers



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    Widson Reis
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Moa,

    If I understood correctly you would like the same agents to answer calls from lines 1, and 2, but at different times; say, for example, agents would only answer line 1 in the morning and line 2 in the afternoon.

    If these periods are pre-determined and more or less fixed, you could create 2 schedules and configure each line to only route calls on those schedules. Do you think that would work? 

  • dschmidt

    This is a challenge for us as well. Our approach is for admins to manually add and remove agents from the groups that correspond to the different numbers depending on coverage requirements. One issue with this is that when you remove an agent from a group, they lose ownership of any non-closed tickets they may have in that group, which can affect metrics.

  • dschmidt

    Unfortunately we are on Professional; multiple schedules would probably work if we were on an Enterprise plan. It would be nice if that was an a la carte add-on.

  • Cécile Mikha

    We have the same issue than Moa. 
    We are on pro and can't find a way forward. 


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