Zendesk Talk Live Dashboard Access restriction - default access for agent role



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    Martin Holmes
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Mario,

    My name is Martin and I'm one of the product managers for Zendesk Talk. I'd like to clarify that agents do not have access to the Talk live calls dashboard by default. However, there is a setting which can override this. If you are in Admin Center navigate to the the following page:

    Admin Center > Roles > Staff 

    If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you should see a checkbox "View Talk dashboard". Make sure this checkbox is unchecked and save this setting by pressing "Save" (see attached screenshot).

    This should fix the issue of your agents having access to the dashboard. If this does not fix the issue please let me know. 

    Apologies for the confusion. 

    Kind regards, 

  • Mario Ritz

    Hi Martin,

    Talk Live Dashboard is default on for anyone we give "agent" access in talk and we were advised the option to deactivate is only available on an enterprise plan. We are on professional. There is no access to customize roles on professional --> no way to deactivate access to sensitive data for agents.

    Kind regards




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