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  • Diego Garcia

    Exist some metric to measure "Tickets solved by Agent" like a metric? For example. 

    For a period of time:

    Ticket solved: 1.200

    Agents solving tickets: 100

    Tickets solved by each agent = 1.200/100 = 12 


    Thank you!


  • Carlos Navarro
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi, Diego. While I can see this post in our Spanish help center, I also see that your question is in English so I hope you don't mind if I answer in kind.

    I'm sorry, but we don't have an attribute for the number of agents you have. You may use a result metric calculation or a standard calculated metric to divide your solved tickets by a number that represents how many agents you have.

    That being said, may we have more details regarding your use case and what you're trying to report on? I'd like to see if we can tackle this through a different route. 

  • Diego Garcia

    Hola Carlos, gracias por tu respuesta. Si, usé esa opción. Contar agentes únicos y hacer la divsión por la cantidad de tickets resueltos. Saludos,

  • Diego Garcia

    Hola Carlos, sólo una pregunta, que atribuo/métrica  puedo utilizar para contar a los agentes únicos que resuelven casos? Estoy haciendo esto pero me salen todos los actualizadores de un mismo ticket.


    IF ([Cambios: nombre de campo]="status"
    AND [Cambios: valor anterior]!="solved"
    AND ([Cambios: nuevo valor]="solved" OR [Cambios: nuevo valor]="closed")
    AND ([Estado del ticket - Sin ordenar] = "Solved" OR [Estado del ticket - Sin ordenar] = "Closed")
    AND [Actualización - Marca de tiempo]=[Ticket resuelto - Marca de tiempo])
    THEN [Obsoleto - ID del actualizador]

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team
    Hi Diego,
    To track the number of individual agents by their updater ID, you'll need to create a standard calculated metric using the following formula:
    IF ([Updater role]="Agent" or [Updater role]="Admin")
    THEN [Updater ID]
    You can then take D_COUNT(Tickets Solved)/D_COUNT(Custom Updater Metric)
    Hope this helps!

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