Show Sender Email Address By Default

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  • CJ Johnson

    +1 to this!

  • Óskar Ómarsson

    This is a major security concern in my organisation, it is extremely common that the email address is displayed next to the display name of a sender (requester in Zendesk) and it is for a very good reason.

    Gmail for example does this unless you have added the sender to your address book.

    We had a breach to one of our external systems that would have been easily preventable and if this would have been in place that would have increased the chance of detection of malicious email greatly. In this case the display name in the email was made to look like the email was coming from a known source, but the email address it self was from completely different source.

    Please have this fixed, this is an very serious issue.


  • Charidy Support

    Were there any updates on this matter? 

  • Lawrence Dye

    +1. There is also another thread on this very topic. 




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