SLA badge to calculate in Business hours

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  • Amy Dee
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Jonas! Hi Alexandre! 

    The SLA badge is designed to help agents prioritize their work in real time. It's important for the badge to be on the same scale for all tickets, so agents can tell which targets are more urgent.

    For example, imagine that it's 4pm on a Friday, and an agent has time for one more ticket before they clock out. There are two tickets in the queue, and both tickets have a 2-hour SLA target. One ticket's target is in calendar hours, so it's due at 6pm that same day. The other ticket's target is in business hours on a weekday 9-5 schedule, so it's due at 10am on Monday.

    If both tickets had a "2 hour" SLA badge, the agent would likely handle them at the same priority. There wouldn't be any clear difference to help the agent pick one over the other. In this simple example, though, you'd want the agent to prioritize the calendar hours ticket. That ticket will breach sooner, so it should be worked first.

    That's why SLA badges always show calendar hours. Even though these two example tickets have the "same" 2-hour target, they're actually due at different times. The badge will show "2 hours" for the calendar hours ticket and "2 days" for the business hours ticket. That way, the agent knows - at a glance - which ticket is more important for Friday afternoon.

    I hope this helps!




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