Trigger tags when one group reassigns a ticket to a different group


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  • mccabe.tonna
    Community Moderator

    Hi Zach,

    A trigger could easily be added to add a tag when a ticket is updated from group A to group B.

    You also can actually report in Explore already without any triggers or tags

    Which do you prefer?

  • zach.prasser

    Thanks McCabe!

    I'd actually want both: a tag will indicate to the new agent that the ticket was bumped to their group, and I'd like to also know how many were reassigned in total. 

  • mccabe.tonna
    Community Moderator

    Okay, for the trigger.

    Conditions ALL

    Ticket is updated

    Group is changed from A

    Group is changed to B



    Add tags: a_to_b


    let me know if this makes sense

  • mccabe.tonna
    Community Moderator

    For the reporting:

    Dataset: Support -> Ticket updates

    Calculations> standard calculated metric

    Name: From group A to B


    IF ([Changes - Field name] = "group_id" AND
    [Changes - Previous value] = "A" AND
    [Changes - New value] = "B") THEN
    [Update ID]

    Input the group's ID associated with group A and B in this case. Eg. 360005050000

    Then change the metric from SUM to COUNT


    Let me know if you need any further help

  • Ethan Rogge

    Hey McCabe,

    Thanks for this! I inputted your explore recipe, including the group IDs for group A and B and it wouldn't calculate for me. I've messed around with it a little bit and I keep getting a similar error message:

    Is the above formula out of date? It also says that [changes - previous value] and [changes - new value] aren't valid. 

    Thanks so much!

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Ethan,
    It looks like you saved the custom metric in another dataset. Can you check if you're building the report with the Support: Ticket updates dataset? The attributes Update ID,  and Changes - Previous and - New value are not present in other datasets, and that is likely why you're seeing this error message.

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