Help creating a view with breached SLAs


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  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    A few things you may be able to look at: 

    • Are the breaches on new tickets? Try toggling the Status to something other than New. 
    • Are the breaches on Closed tickets?  Zendesk will archive closed tickets so they don't slow down views after 120 days in a closed status.  
    • Do you (or the user viewing the view) have access to see the tickets in Zendesk Support.  Explore has a different access model so you may be seeing differences here.
    • Expand on your Explore report and see if you can can get the ticket IDs and see what is unique about those tickets that would restrict them from showing in your views.
  • Jessica Karabko

    Hi @...

    Thank you for stepping in.

    I am the main admin of our Zendesk so I have permissions to view everything.

    There are no breaches on new tickets. All tickets are automatically transferred to Open stratus as per my settings.

    I cannot expand any reports in Explore - no such functionality.

    In fact, I'm interested in historical data. Meaning I want to see tickets with breached SLA in statuses Solved and Closed. But it seems like Zendesk just removes SLA tracker from solved/closed tickets. I haven't found any mention of this in FAQ or elsewhere, but it seems to work like that. If that is true, this is a HUGE gap in functionality.

  • Chandra Robrock
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    Hi Valentina! Once an SLA target has either been achieved or breached, the countdown timer will no longer be displayed within Views until the next SLA target is active.

    For example, if you're using the Next Reply Time target, a new SLA target would be activated when the customer responds back to the ticket, which would then allow a new countdown timer to be displayed for that SLA target.

    There might be a hacky way you could achieve this within Views using Automations but, since Automations only run once per hour, I don't think this would be the best solution for you.

    For historical SLA reporting, I'd recommend using Zendesk Explore. You could use something similar to the below:

    Dataset: SLAs
    Visualization Type: Chart
    Metric: D_COUNT (Breached SLA Tickets)
    Rows: Ticket ID (or use this recipe to configure a clickable link out to that ticket - this is what I use in my SLA analysis reports)

    In the Rows section, you can also include any other data points you'd like to include, as you should be able to include most of the attributes you'd be able to see in Views (i.e. ticket status, assignee, etc) but you can also include additional SLA attributes that you wouldn't be able to see within Views (i.e. SLA Metric which helps you identify whether the breach occurred on your First Reply or your Next Reply target, as an example).


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