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    Salvador Vazquez
    Zendesk Product Manager

    We have been making some great progress that I would like to share with all of you. We are currently in a small and closed EAP where we are increasing the number of shared views to 30 and the number of personal views to 10. So far the feedback is great and we have some improvements still to make before we can GA it. This first step is a small increase but we are also going to work to get you all access to more views than that and more importantly have a way to organize your views that will make it easy to navigate through a large number of Views. We will be GAing the first phase in H2 this year. I look forward to working with many of you on that next phase to figure out the best way to create a better native experience in the views side panel.

  • Salvador Vazquez
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone, 

    First, I’d like to thank everyone who has provided feedback in this and other conversations throughout this community on Views. While I know sometimes there are lags in our ability to respond, we do read everything and find your comments informative and helpful. This is clearly an area of the product many people feel strongly about. 


    Views was originally built to be a quick and easy way to pull a list of tickets based on conditions, much like a saved search filter. When it was built, most agents didn’t work off of more than 5 views, so 20 was thought to be plenty. Obviously, as workflows have become more complex and businesses have grown, this hasn’t scaled well. 


    Clearly the limit of 12 views is something that has to change, and we can confirm that this is something we are working on. Before we can increase the number of views, however, there is significant backend complexity that needs to be dealt with. Once we are able to complete the required infrastructure work, then increasing views will become a relatively simple and quick UI fix.

    We are in the process of updating the infrastructure and backend in order to have a more flexible Views platform that can cater to complex needs of our customers. This work is crucial and needed before we make the UI modifications but it is  also complex and will take time.

    Our ultimate goal is to provide easy access to more than 20 Views in the Views side panel, as well as adding categorization to help you organize your Views. 

    I know a lot of you have been waiting years to see this happen, and I want to be fully transparent - we still have a lot to do before we will be able to roll this out. I don’t expect this functionality to be completed for many months yet.

    We will continue to provide updates as we are able. Thank you for your feedback, for your patience, and for being active members of the Zendesk Community.

  • olivier

    Agree, the 12 views limit does not make sense.

    Could be worked around using nesting views that could be expanded:

    "Sales" could have 5 sub views, that could be showed or hidden in one click for example

  • Traci Lamm

    Chiming in here too.  As a long time user (4 time implementing Zendesk) I still do not understand why this is limited.  There is obvious space in the right side bar.  And the fact that the recommendation is to use a 3rd party is silly.  This is a basic Zendesk function and shouldn't need a 3rd party to solve it.  Especially when those 3rd parties want to be paid for it and have outdated security protocols.

    Come on Zendesk!  I know you can handle this very much needed change.

  • Karen D Snyder

    Yes, this limit should be configurable. There is room for more than 12 views. An agent came to me last week asking why he couldn't see a newly created shared view, and it was because of this limit. He had to coordinate with other agents in the groups that he belonged to in order to decide which views to deactivate so that he would be able to see the new view.

  • Eric Goff

    Chiming in to also express interest in this change! My organization is having a hard time shuffling our views, and we would greatly appreciate having more visible on this screen!


  • Dean

    I don't understand why we can't just have all views visible at all times, if we so choose. "Invisible views" is an oxymoron. I have views for different groups and each group has views for their individual statuses. If there absolutely must be a limit to how many views are visible at once, I would put that number somewhere around 30. But again, I don't understand why this is limited at all.

  • Sam
    Community Moderator

    Hi Salvador Vazquez! Is there any update on the Views functionality? It has been a while since the last one, and lots of us are very eager to hear news about what we might all see from Views!

  • Nathan Purcell

    Can we at least have an _blank added to the "Open" button when on "/admin/workspaces/agent-workspace/views" so they open in a new tab? (or better yet, stop ignoring the native browser cmd/ctrl+click function). 

    If you're forcing the views to overflow at least make it easier to open those we can't access directly. 

    Currently, if I want to open three views that aren't up front I need three tabs, go to admin, go to views, find view, click open.

  • Karl Maamets

    12 views really isn't enough for a growing company, a scrollables list would be better in my opinion.

    Hope there will be an update soon.

    Hopefully before 2023...

  • Tomas Vaitkevicius
    I have described the View categorization (subviews, dropdown view) in detail and explained the benefits of it.
    Please visit my article (below) and vote for it if you think that it would be beneficial for you too!
  • Marvin Gage

    The view limit is utter ridiculous and most likely next year we will move to another product due to all we ever hear is we are working on it.. Which they DEFINTELY ARE NOT or it would of been done a long time ago.  It's impossible to keep working like this Zendesk has so many limitations and they never update anything when it comes down to it.  

    Seems they just keep stringing clients along and will wait to they lose a lot of clients than say hey maybe we should be developing the product further.  All they seem to be working on in almost all the change log is add on features.  We need functionality features worked on not new features.  

  • CJ Johnson

    Over a year ago this was marked "Planned" but there's been no updates at all from Zendesk in this time in the thread. Is this still planned? It is incredibly frustrating to see that even requests with over 100 upvotes getting ignored by Zendesk with no responses or updates. It definitely doesn't make me feel like filing feature requests is a good use of my time. 

  • Peter

    Unbelievable that this has never been addressed.

    Pretty pathetic.  Why can't have configure which Views each Group gets to see--as many or few as I want for each group?     

    Can't be that hard to code.

    Until then, Zendesk will not be a product that I recommend.

  • Darcy Bromling

    i would also like this. 

  • Sam
    Community Moderator

    Agreed with @..., I don't think there should be a maximum. The Views sidebar understandably would need a "minimum" - but all views available to a user should be accessible from that page alone, either through some kind of twisty that expands a nested view, a link that loads more, etc.

    The best way we could see that working out is having expandable categories, and a final "Unsorted" bucket.

    Our team could manage without having the view counts. I'm guessing there is a large tax with computing those values that probably led to this restriction in the first place. Maybe there's a happy medium - the numbers are cached and refreshed every so often, or just a red dot or star to indicate there's tickets in the view. But our team could live with no counts being present.

    Another big ask: Favorite views. This way, agents can select the views that matter to them. It puts us in a hard spot to manage views for an entire org when we have some agents working on a significant number of workflows that each have their own unique sorting and grouping needs. It's either global + sequential order, or personal views, and nothing in between.

    This problem is compounded by the fact that the Manage Views page is, at best, an exercise in frustration. Today alone, I've had to help 6 different agents use this page due to the way it works. It is less intuitive than most. A great fix for this would be making the Ticket View title link take you to the view, and not the edit page. Then, having a persistent link to the edit page, instead of any hover-over action. This would also be an important accessibility improvement, due to the way screen readers work.

    Finally, making the list of views and their IDs exportable to CSV would be a boon for us. At the least, it would help those who might not be comfortable using the API to take those IDs and build a list of views in something like Excel or Google Sheets for their agents to reference.

  • Nathan Purcell

    The bare minimum of views is the number I have added. If I have 200 views, I want the ability to have 200 views in that column. 

    If I add another view, I would like that to also appear in the column. 

    Considering we have the ability to grant access to view by group membership, this is not as unwieldy as it may sound at first. Very few people in the system will have access to all views - but even if they did, I still want them to see all views. 

    Because it's inefficient to require an agent to go looking for specific views. It's also an overlook risk factor if the views are not at the forefront. 

    "Bare minimum of views with counts"? All of them should have counts. Also, the counts should not be capped to an artificial number (see suspended tickets, capped at 5K). 

  • Henry Domis

    Why a limit number of views? I read the objective is to get 20 views (7months ago), why 20 and not 21? Why not developing infinite views (scrollbar exists since the begining of the Internet)? Once the 20 views access will be available (or not...) you'll need to make a POC for 40 views which will last X years again. I don't get the point here.

  • Irina Ball

    It's been 2 years, what's the update? Nobody here understands why there was a limitation to it in the first place 

  • Fernando Garcez

    You said everything, Traci.

  • Sean McKeever

    I agree with everything said here by the other users.  I feel that views as a whole need a total revamp, but starting here would help solve a very annoying issue for new and existing users. 

  • Annika Bouvin

    I really don't get why Views should be limited. Suggesting a third party solution is just silly. What could possibly be such a problem about letting us choose how many Views we want to display? There are scroll bars if the window itself isn't big enough. Please Zendesk, solve this ASAP! 

  • Amber Barnes

    Yes please help us on this Zendesk. This is an increasingly frustrating issue and is limiting our ability to scale in an effective manner for agents. The third-party app that is recommend is not a cheap alternative either when this should be basic functionality. Really hope to see this happen in the near future!

  • Angelweb SAS

    Clearly, it is essential to be able to display all the views. We are a multi-brand account, so we have a lot of views, and our team needs to see everything because we deal with all the brands. It doesn't make sense to be limited to 12 views.
    Having to go through a paid third-party app for something this simple, when we have the most comprehensive Zendesk subscription, doesn't make sense either.

  • Salvador Vazquez
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello all, thank you again for your continued excitement for this work! Our team is currently running a proof of concept for how many additional Views we can support and how many counts we could include at the scale you all need. We are currently thinking through these options and figuring out the best solution. 

    I would love to hear more your needs. Particularly on your bare minimum of additional Views you need and why as well as bare minimum of Views with counts and why. 

  • Layna Smith

    I've been following this since it was originally posted on a different thread in 2017... 5 years+ later, still no updates on this. I find it's even more annoying now with the Admin Center UI updates, because now I've got to go into Admin Center and load a new browser tab to see the full views list - so I can't even click back and forth between an individual view and the view list anymore.

  • Stan Zukowski

    Voting in favor of unlimited group views, or some way to filter down through them. This is one of those fundamentals that should have been changed 2 years ago when this topic first came up. 

  • Richard Vanderlubbe

    Drag And Drop Sort Order By User/Login

    Our users are frustrated by the inability to create their own sort order for views.  I've seen a bit on the 12 limitations - agree - when one can scroll, I don't see the need to restrict this, other than perhaps, rendering time if there are many views.

    If the user could expose them all, then drag and drop for their favourite 12, and have an expand link (show more) or paging or something to all the views they have, it would help.  Also, a quick filter for all their eligible views.  Right now they have to click manage views, type the partial name - very awkward, especially for managers wanting to keep on top of certain views.

  • Jorge Moreno

    I take it they're ignoring the topic and the comments like they've always done. This has been an issue for as long as the views menu has been there, with is now around a decade. You have plenty of add on developers in your marketplace who've built different solutions to resolve this (fantastic views springs to mind but isn't the only one). At least be open and tell people you've been making stuff up so those solutions can still be making money out of an issue that isn't such, it's just a money making scam since the solution has already been there, you have all the feedback provided on the reviews for those add ons and, if you really wanted to solve the problem, implementing a scroll bar while you build a better solution was incredibly simple. This post is what, 3 years old? And it's not by far the oldest post I've seen about this problem. Half of that time with no response from the company should put any other business to shame.

  • olivier

    I am now using Lovely Views because the native system is way too limited...


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