Feature Request: Triggers - Action: Add Internal Note as a trigger action

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    Nina Olding

    Hi all, thank you for your feedback! It's always helpful to hear from the community about ways we can enhance the product. At this time, we have no plans to implement this functionality. There are workarounds to achieve the desired results, as some others have mentioned, but we aren't currently implementing this feature. Thanks again for the feedback and as always, continue to share your thoughts and use cases with us.

  • Satia Stevens

    Hi Erin,

    Thanks for following up. Reading through the threads, it seems we have the same use case as was stated by other customers: 

    • We add a private comment to the ticket if there is information about the user or Organisation that the agent should be aware of. We were finding it too easy to miss those notes and detail fields unless it’s within the body of the comment. Seeing the information within the private comment means the agents never miss the info.

    For our second use case, being able to add an internal note via trigger would speed up response time. For example, an account manager submits an inquiry without the customer on thread. A trigger could populate an internal note reminding them that the customer must be included for reporting purposes. The account manager updates the ticket, and then the support agent responds. 

    Currently there is a manual exchange between the agent and account manager, which wastes time. 



  • Jamie Danjoint

    This has been stated by others, but getting in on this vote:

    • We add a private comment to the ticket if there is information about the user or Organisation that the agent should be aware of. We were finding it too easy to miss those notes and detail fields unless it’s within the body of the comment. Seeing the information within the private comment means the agents never miss the info.

    Life in Software Support is insanely busy and you're going a million miles an hour. Relying on an Agent to go to the Organization tab to view important details about a client or rely on seeing the slew of tags that get added to the case just isn't feasible.

    We store very important information on the org tab (ex: who has permission to request and approve configuration changes to their applications) that is easily overlooked. Please, please, please think outside the box on how we can get this accomplished. 


  • Bryce Radick

    Lack of movement on this thread is disappointing. +1000000 to needing this feature.

  • Gary Jackson

    +1 on this!  Would love to be able to add an internal note depending on the "Organization" name.

  • Sebastian Lundbäck

    4 years later and still no change!


    Does it even matter if I +1 to this?

  • Erin the mentor

    Hi Satia,

    It sounds like you're mainly trying to assist agents with next steps, is that correct? Just want to make sure I understand your use case. We don't have any plans to add the ability to add comments via triggers, but we are interested in exploring the problem space of additional, automated guidance for agents.


  • Eric Paul

    We have a similar need.  Our current need is that customers have certain requests or requirements that are unique to them in how we support them.  For example, when we test in their instance we have to test with a certain population, etc.  These unique requirements are very difficult to manage and are easily missed when in a notes field on the organization, but if we could have the internal note put this information right in front of our agents it would greatly improve our ability to support effectively and accurately according to our customers requirements, thus improving customer satisfaction and reducing escalations and angry calls to our customer managers.

  • Lucie Debouver



    We also have a similar request. Right now, we use automations to send agents an email as a reminder that a ticket has been untouched for a certain amount of time and that action is required. Ideally, the support agent does not have to check their email to stay on top of their Zendesk queues. An internal note would cause a Zendesk app notification to go out. This is the main reason why this would be helpful for us. 



  • Chris Ryan

    The comments from Zendesk staff about this feature request are pretty hard to believe! 

    "No plans to support this feature" , etc.  

    Clearly a feature to allow actions to update an internal comment as a part of a trigger is in demand based on the existence of multiple threads with users scrambling to configure their own setup through the API as well as requesting this feature. 

    What is even more interesting is some of these threads have been around for a long time with inter-linking between mostly dead-end, unhelpful threads that pertain to this issue. 

    Please Zendesk help support the needs of your clients by adding this feature formally and rolling it our to our accounts.  

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    Just in case you are not aware. When looking at a ticket, changing the drop down from 'Conversation' to 'Events' will display all the actions taken on a ticket including triggers and automations.

    This allows Agents to check for system performed actions.

    But I totally agree that allowing an internal comment would allow greater visibility to these important actions.

  • Jon Schlueter

    +1 for this feature request.


    I can't believe it's been 4 years since this thread started and Zendesk still hasn't built this into their product.  Then again, I've seen a request that went on for 10 years and when people started commenting that one of their competitors added the feature, ZD shut down the thread for any new comments.


    Zendesk, maybe listen to your paying customers as we have some really great ideas and want to keep using your product.  Otherwise, what's keeping us here?

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    While comments cannot be added as part of the built in trigger actions, you can use a target. See Phil's tip here:

    Link removed by the Zendesk Community Team. Post has been archived due to outdated information.

  • Bruno Roy-Contancin

    +1 Same need. Thank you.

  • Richard Nelson

    Same need here

  • Aaron Olson

    This would be a great feature, I sent out automated message to customers to help keep tickets moving that have been in pending status at 2 and on the 4th  day. I would like to make a note in the case letting the agent know that the system performed a custom action so they do not duplicate the message and on the 5th day they can resolve the case. 

    Right now there is no way for the agent to know in the case that the system performed any action. 

  • John Lundgren

    I would also like to have this feature within Zendesk.  We send automated followups every few days and it would be nice to be able to track them in the ticket (date/time sent) with an internal only update.  We also have other automatic updates that happen as well and again it would be great to be able to have an internal update to the ticket stating "Hey, this automation happened".

    I understand that this could be done via a manual update to the ticket, but doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of an automation altogether?

  • Peter P

    +1 automatic internal comments would improve efficiency and productivity allowing the agent to check customer info at first sight and/or following basic instructions to handle that case.

    The use of the User Panel to leave notes results in a very confusing, not intuitive and easy-to-miss workflow. Besides, agent may shrink the panel! i.e. bye-bye info!


  • Corey Gould

    I would also love to be able to do this for a few reasons. 

    1. I have an automation that looks for "On Hold" tickets that have not been updated in 48hrs and changes the status to "Open". The intent here is to force a review/followup from my team members with the appropriate party so we if any resolution has been made. I would like the automation to add a private note to the effect of "This ticket was automatically reopened due to..." so the agent can quickly identify the reason without having to click through to events and then need to understand how events work. I want to keep it as simple and inline as possible. 

    2. I have a trigger that will change (via URL target) the Reply From address, so that I can force one support address per group. However, this interferes with the "Notify Requester of Received Request Trigger" sometimes along with other issues that have been brought up on the forums related to this. I would really like to be able to just assign a specific support address to each group natively so that, no matter what, replies send from a "Support" group come from support@, Technical Service from tech@, etc. regardless of what address the customer actually send to. 

    3. Similarly to item 1, I have an trigger that looks for replies/updates to side conversations and reopens the ticket, again to force a review of it. (Because the system notifications are inadequate and really easy to miss). So I would be using this to add a private comment to the effect of "This ticket has been reopened because a side conversation has been updated".

    Lastly, a lot of the comment here refer to a helpful instructional guide for using URL targets to do this, but the link (Link removed by the Zendesk Community Team. Post has been archived due to outdated information.) is no longer available and I would really like to see the instructions that have been seen by others as an effective workaround. 



    To change the reply from address in #2 I have a HTTP JSON PUT target set up called "Update Zendesk Ticket".  On the trigger, I use the action Notify Target with a JSON Body of {"ticket": {"recipient": "email@domain"}}

    What would the JSON Body code be to create a new private note? I imagine something to the effect of replacing "recipient with the correct attribute name.


  • Greytip Software Pvt Ltd

    Any update on this? I would like the agents not to miss out any important information for the client

  • Ricardo Camarena

    We are also looking for this functionality. Would love to hear if and when this would be implemented

  • Patrick Harland-Lee

    +1 for this, we need a way to notify the agent that there's something about the organization that separates the workflow of all tickets coming in from them compared to other organizations.

    Though I wouldn't mind if there was some other way to do this (say, highlighting the Organization button in the top-left of the ticket).

    I would prefer this wasn't an app, because often our agents will hide the apps bar because they work on laptops and it takes up too much screen real estate.

  • Laura

    +1 for this feature.  Thanks!

  • Aaron Olson

    Thanks Graeme that is a good workaround but with other trigger and events that can get cumbersome. 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Juz - 

    Thanks for the feedback. Improvements to business rules are on hold at the moment while the development team works out what is on the roadmap for Support in 2019. But we have flagged this for review once work on business rules is reopened. 


  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    Under Settings>Extensions, it looks like you have selected an HTTP target. The article uses a URL target.

    I should say that these techniques to update tickets can be very useful but are discouraged by Zendesk. They can create race conditions that may lead to problems.

    Hope that helps,

  • David

    Thanks Graeme for pointing that out!


    I was under the impression that this was actually encouraged by Zendesk, being promoted into an article, albeit due to their inability to provide this feature built-in.


  • Debbie Guskin


    Similar to Corey, we use automations to re-open tickets. Here's our specific use case:

    We have a "required to solve" ticket field that is not always set by Agents for Pending tickets. When our automations transition a ticket from Pending to Solved after X amount of time we have an automation that checks if the required field is set. If the field isn't set, the automation automatically re-opens the ticket. However, this confuses our agents because there's no actual info in the ticket that explains why it's still open. To them it looks like the customer never replied and no additional action is needed.

    Note - Our use case could potentially be fulfilled by having a "require on ticket pending flow" option, but adding internal notes for automations is a bit of a more robust option that can be used for other use cases as well. Plus the workaround for requiring a field on other ticket update types at https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/227741828-Is-it-possible-to-require-a-field-be-set-before-moving-to-a-status-other-than-Solved- is not ideal.

  • Charlyne

    +1 on that

  • Lasse Poulsen

    +1, would be great if this function can be made.


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