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    Chris Drylie
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi All-

    Thank you for your feedback.

    I just wanted to take this opportunity and introduce myself, my name is Chris and I’m the product manager working on the public social experience here at Zendesk (Virtual Hi).

    Our team is currently reviewing our conversation streams within tickets and as part of this, we would like to work with you to ensure this experience is the best solution.

    Please let me know if I can reach out to any of you directly to have an offline chat!

    Chris Drylie,
    Product Manager - Public Social.

  • Francis Tan ☆

    This is extremely important. I hope zendesk reconsiders this feature. 

  • Jalil

    Without this functionality the facebook integration works only for private messages.

    The way that ticket creation from comments on the wall works is completely distant from reality and the needs of CS in Social Media.

    Is a must have funcionality if you want to have a real integration with FB.

    Please consider this. 

  • Sarah Thompson

    Hey Zendesk - this is a big miss on your part! The majority of our customer support activity is via comments on wall posts that our brand posts. We have to continue providing great support by responding to these comments. Our ideal is to run this all though Zendesk...where is this in your roadmap?

    And for anyone who reads this thread - PLEASE upvote it to try and get Zendesks attention.

  • Nicolas

    This would hugely beneficial, Zen Desk are you able to take a look into adding this feature please? 

  • Akaatz

    So, after 2.5 years they still haven't implemented this?

  • Claudia Lowman

    Please consider adding In-line replies to Zendesk for Facebook.  It allows us to respond directly to the user without creating another comment.  It's the best way to insure that customers are getting a response to their FB post which is good for community management, especially since comments we are responding to are support-related and it's crucial they get a response.  I'm told that other forms of feedback may not get through depending on their individual settings.

  • Carlos Navarro

    Hey, we are evaluating Zendesk and we need so bad this feature. We have a lot of feedback from our customers via Facebook and we need our answer to be as custom as it could. Please add it!

  • Webcareengie

    It is quite a bummer that Kirstine send her first post on may, 2014.

    Almost 4 year later, it is still not possible to answer a facebook comment on a post individually..
    Maybe within another 4 year .. 

  • Chris Drylie
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi All, 

    Just wanted to loop back on this, 

    Currently, we are focusing on a new underlying platform that will increase reliability and remove many of the current limitations on our social integrations, this will give us a solid platform to build on before we start work in this space.

    I will continue to keep you updated.

  • Maurizio Martinoli

    really need this

    please develop it

  • Samantha Sampson

    Has there been any comments from Zendesk directly on this topic or discussion in other forums or links? Looking for a solution. Thanks so much!

  • Joel Hellman

    Would love this.

    For us, the only viable use of the built-in Facebook support is direct messages, because of the inability to reply to a specific comment.

    At the moment we have halted our Facebook implementation, since we need to support both channels and would like all of it to go through Zendesk. 

    As soon as you have any amount of traffic in your Facebook page with multiple users commenting, you need to be able to comment on comments. 

  • Renee Butcher

    Replying to multiple commenters on a Facebook post with correctly nested display of the conversation is more than necessary.  Badly formatted replies confuse the customers involved and reflect badly on the brand and CS.  This needs to happen now!

  • Marco Mai

    It's so important to have this feature. We are having the same problem.

  • Brandon

    Finally this issue is getting some traction. It's so bad that I am looking at alternative ways to do customer service and replace Zendesk entirely.

  • Ryan Supersticioso

    I was informed that there is no way/functionality to directly respond to Facebook user Comments on our Facebook Page. This presents a problem for us. If there are 100 user comments that need responses, we will create 100 new comments to address those users . This is simply not feasible.

  • Anthony Khedaywi

    This would be super helpful!

  • Perrie Tracy Briskin

    Yes please! I am canceling our Zendesk subscription because this feature is not offered yet. 

  • Jalil

    @Nicolas, The idea is have only one platform for all CS channels. On the other hand, using Sprout Social you can not unify metrics.

    As Perrie, we are considering canceling our subscription because this feature is not offered yet.

  • Brandon

    This is SO important and turning into a make or break for my team and the BI behind ticket logging of responses done.

    Now these support requests are only done on Facebook natively which means agent time and responses are completely unaccounted for. Not good!!

    I'm revisiting tools like Hootsuite now to plug this functionality and then downgrade our Zendesk plan.

  • Marco Sarti

    This function is pretty vital in order to make facebook as a channel through Zendesk as a viable option, please make this happen.

  • Ryan Supersticioso

    Are there any updates on this?

  • Erin McKeeby

    @ZenDesk team - Can you please update us on when this feature may be released? 

    There are comments from Max from last year saying that you're "working on it" but this is a very real issue for our customer care team. As long as this issue persists, we cannot reply on ZenDesk to meet our needs. 

  • Joel Hellman

    Zendesk has started a beta that relates to this thread, and you might be interested in checking out this forum:

    Zendesk Support beta - Facebook Comments as Tickets

  • Michael H

    Agree with OP. This change to the Facebook response workflow for wall posts is needed.

    It's just a mess when responding now, as it all looks out of place.

    At the moment, we handle wall posts through Facebook Page Manager, and when it's all done - return to zendesk to take ownership, tag and classify, before marking as solved.

    That strategy however is ok for a smaller company like ours, but doesn't scale at all to larger organisations.

  • Jorge Lage

    The problem with the current integration is that when an agent replies to a ticket (with the configuration "Comments on a Post create new tickets") the reply doesn't stay within the comment (on the post). Instead the comment is added to the end of all comments (within the post). This causes a lot of confusion because it looks like we are replying to something else / another user. It doesn't make a lot of sense. The reply should go withing the comment.

  • Jorge Lage

    Authored by the page. Check out this post:


    All comments from "Tigo Paraguay" were made using Zendesk at it looks like we are talking to ourselves. If you end up at our fan page, and start reading the comments, they don't really make any sense. Those were replies to individual comments. A ticket was created for each comment but the reply doesn't go within that comment, therefore making it really hard to follow the conversations for the user or a reader.

  • Tom Pemberton

    Is there any update on this? This has made the facebook comments in Zendesk unusable for our business.

  • Keela Ross

    Hi, is there any update on this? It's surprising that Zendesk hasn't made any changes. The integration is useless for us, and the older system we were using (Gorgias) had amazing features for their FB integration.

    We now have to pay double just to be able to work on the FB tickets the way we need to. The whole point of us switching to ZD was to centralize everything and it is a shame this last piece kills us.

    What would be super helpful to add (for us, not sure about other companies) is: (see image below)

    • The ability to like and hide a comment from a Zendesk ticket
    • The ability to directly go to the comment or reply in question instead of being routed to the post as a whole (if you have over 100 comments having to sift through is annoying)
    • The ability to reply to a FB user's comment as a reply to them rather than a general post to our ad or wall post. 

    Replying when comments are added to one post looks like we reply to ourselves similar to Jorge's comment above. I changed the settings to make comments into new tickets, but after speaking to support it seems like it won't solve the problem. I am not sure what our inbox is about to look like.

    The one week limitation is problematic because if we have ads that perform well, in order us for to service our customers or leads there we have to keep the ticket open for the lifetime of the post.


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