Include Attachments in Email Targets

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  • The Original DKNY

    This is such a no-brainer NEED to have feature. But why email? well, It's sticky, people will have it locally when offline, and the End User can forward attachments to others with fewer steps. 

    Also, modern email saas solutions are integrated with storage, making it even easier for B2B End Users to get a file from a Ticket Trigger or Ticket Automation and save it to {google drive, Sharepoint, etc... } 

    Here are other use cases:

    • Some service providers are required by contract or law to send actual copies of documentation or term of service updates to their customers...
    • Proactive Ticketing: here is the Checklist as a PDF if your Data Center does not allow Wifi Access in the data center when you are replacing your CORE Switch...
    • Ticket Problem Management: Here is the patched file for XYZ product on Version 1.2.3 that fixes Known Issue 1701
    "Email Body: "Here is a Check List you can print of Safety Checks before you use the "Tree Limb & Drone Remover",  be sure to use LIST B for "removing drones stuck in tree limbs on your property where the trunk is on your neighbor's property. LIST H is local Emergency Rooms, keep that handy. 
    Thank you emailing your question; {{ticket.title}}(HOW DO I USE THIS AND NOT DIE???) to  {{}} at Bad Products Inc."  
    SUB-Action: "Attach File" :"SafetyCheckListWithEmergcencyRoomLocations.pdf" 

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