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  • Carsten -

    Hi Tobias

    There is no easy way of doing this in Zendesk ticket views directly. There is a subsection on the agents profile that will show you the tickets they are CC on - I usually tell my customers to go to that page and bookmark the URL. The URL looks something like this:

    The only other way i can think of is to add the CC through a Trigger and also add a specific tag. That way you can build views that will list tickets with that tag. But thats not a really good way of doing it.

  • Zac Garcia

    Please add your feedback to this feature request! You can also vote if you are interested.

  • Tobias

    Thank you again @Carsten

    @Zac i thought you provided me the wrong link?

  • Tabitha Nelson

    Is there a way to do this in Zendesk? I'd love to keep my agents in zendesk instead of having to go back and forth with their email

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Tabitha!

    It's not possible to add this to a standard view, but being @mentioned on a ticket adds the @'d user as a CC on the ticket. Your agents can view all the tickets they're CC'd on from the list in their user profile in the agent interface.

  • Carsten -

    Hi - just wanted let everyone know that we have an app in the marketplace called Zendesk Mentions that can help your agents see where they are cced.

  • RedShelf

    @Carsten: the Mentions app is a wonderful idea, but this unfortunately isn't usable for larger ticket volumes -- it keeps all notifications without the ability to sort or dismiss. If a ticket is less than Solved and you're mentioned, the ticket persists in the UI. Not ideal for a quick glance at new mentions, not ideal for sorting through tickets across multiple channels.

    Would love for the Mentions app to support more granularity -- it'd be a winner, for sure. :)

  • Abed Islam

    Help House's Ticket Mentions ("Zendesk Mentions" above) no longer works due to a change in Zendesk's backend and will be taken off their listing (I was told this by their customer support when I asked why am I getting errors when installing their app?).

    Also, Zac's link above says I'm not authorized to view the page:

    We have agents that scarcely use Zendesk and need to focus on the tickets they're mentioned on so they can hop in and help. It is not their ticket, so re-assigning to them doesn't help/make sense, we need to consolidate their @mentions. Is there anything for this? Even the Zendesk home / dashboard only shows history of comments on your tickets.

  • Gail Leinweber
    Zendesk Customer Care

    HI Abed,

    That post you linked to was archived after product reviewed it, there are not currently changes on the roadmap related to this feature.

    Your best option for having your team see those tickets in one place is going to be have them check their profile to view the list of CC'd tickets, or they could build workflows involving tags and business rules if they want to pull them into a different view. We have examples of both those options here

  • Thomas (
    Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary


    I tried to create a better experience for agents with the Follower View Marketplace App for Zendesk Support that gives you an overview of all tickets you are CCD, Follower or Assigned too:

  • Óskar Ómarsson


    I sincerely hope that I'm wrong about this, but is there still impossible to create a view to see what tickets an agent has been added as a follower?

    If this is true I must say that this is a major let down for my organization, we have to rely on agents monitoring their email client... this is counterintuitive as I want my Zendesk agents to keep focuse on Zendesk. I know that agents get these tiny notification bubbles in the top right corner but I can't even find a place to see an overview of those notifications (I also hope that I'm too ignorant to find that overview of agent notifications as that would be very help full and is a incredibly basic thing to have in a system like this, just look at any other system Asana does this quite well). 

  • Kharlo Reboja
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Oskar,

    This is correct. At this time, views do not have the ability to have a condition to list all tickets with agent mentions. Whenever an agent gets notified, they get an email and the notification bubble that you have seen. We appreciate your feedback and will be flagging this as a feature request.

    Take care!

    Kharlo | Customer Advocate

  • Charlie T

    It amazes me how many critical features Zendesk lacks but wants to spend time re-inventing the messaging wheel.

    Why have a mention feature and make it borderline impossible for agents to see their mentions in Zendesk!?

  • Jasmine Gilbert Agent

    After trawling through various discussions I found that just this month Zendesk released a new agent home page ( that may meet some of the requirements mentioned here. 


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