How do you set a view to filter by "from" email address?


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  • Serge Payette

    Hi Spencer,

       If I get this right, you'd like to have a View which where Requester e-mail addresses would be displayed.  Did I get this right ?  If so, here's one way to get this done:

      First you'll need to create a custom ticket field to capture requester e-mail addr.  Then, you'll create a URL Target so that requester e-mail addr will send to your Zendesk system.  The next step will then be to create a Trigger rule so that requester e-mail addr will be added to tickets upon meeting certain conditions (the below example will get this done for any Incident ticket being updated, however you may prefer to add this action to an already existing rule).  Last but not least, you'll create a new View where the newly created ticket field will be added in order to be displayed. 

      Here's how to get this done:

    1- Ticket Field (Field type "Text" (capture small text))
      For agents:
    *Upon creating the new field, you'll need to edit it right after to capture the "Custom field ID" (top left corner) which will be required in the next step.

    2- URL target
     URL:                          {{}}.json+?ticket[custom_fields][<insert Custom field ID here>]={{}}


     Attribute Name:
     Basic Auth:
        token value (taken from >admin >API >Active API tokens)


    3- Trigger
      Meet all of the following conditions:
         Ticket:Type Is Incident
         Ticket Is... Updated
      Perform these actions:
         Notifications: Notify target cust_email_addr (which is the target created above).
         Message: value


    4- View

       Add the new ticket field - cust_email - to the View column table, you can "Group" or "Order" by as you wish.


    Hope this helps


  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey Serge! Thanks for the amazingly in-depth answer! :D

  • Spencer Hill

    Thank you for your time Serge.

    Unfortunately I don't believe this answers my question.

    I'm not looking to display the Request email. Rather I'm trying to filter it from a view.

    Ex. Navigate to Settings > View > edit any View > Click the "+" symbol under "Meet all of the following conditions:" > Choose "Ticket Requester" > Choose "Is" > And you'll see a list that ONLY displays Agents. I need to choose anyone who has emailed us.

  • Serge Payette


      OK, I see what you're looking for.  Seems like a system limitation as selecting "Requester" or "Assignee" gives the same options to choose from.  Actually, looks rather like a system bug as this Agent Guide link clearly states that "Requester" should be  available from the pull-down menu:

      Let's see what Support has to say about this.  If no response by next business day, I'd suggest to open a formal support request with Zendesk Product Support group.



  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator

    Pretty sure that is by design.

    There is a similar request where Erin and Kristof offer some workarounds.

  • Serge Payette

      Thanks for the info @Graeme, indeed that's a similar request.  Let's hope that this answers Spencer's needs.

      Nonetheless though, as per my previous post, the documentation does specify that "Requester" should be available from "Ticket: Requester" condition.  However, I only see that option when I'm selecting "Ticket: Assignee".



  • Greg Gunewardena

    Just wanted to say thanks for your solution to this Serge. Much appreciated.

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Welcome to the Community, Greg! I'm glad you found this helpful. :)


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