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  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    I think I have an answer for #1.  

    You could potentially make a macro that uses a custom field to populate a Dynamic Content placeholder with the correct email address. If you look at Step 3 on the Auto CC user(s) On Condition post it shows how you could set up Dynamic Content using Liquid Markup to allow for different email address based on a drop-down field.

    However, you might be able to do this easier by creating a drop-down field with your website name in it.  When a ticket is created by the account email, you can have a Trigger auto-populate the drop-down field with the correct name for tickets that come in by a specific email.

    Then you can use the placeholder for custom fields. Just replace the number with your drop-down's field number. 

  • Fermin

    Thank you so much! I just tried to do what you mentioned before asking, but I had no idea about the "Fields number". That is why it did not work. Thanks a lot!

    Now if someone knows how to take the order number from an app connected in Magento it would be perfect.



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