Zendesk Dark Theme

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  • Sydney Neubauer

    Agreed! I used a third party but it made it impossible to see popout hints as they are not text that can be inverted. 

    It was also difficult to see the difference between public and internal note comments with the third party app. Eventually, I had to revert back so I could do my work properly. But not at a cost to my migraines

  • Andrew Paterson

    This is a real issue for our agents who work night shift, there are third party solutions but they are not fit for purpose.

  • Morgan Evans

    This is also a big issue for those of us that have light sensitivity and work with both ZD and the Knowledge Base made by ZD. Even using the third party Chrome extension for the support app makes it so switching between that and the KB is murder on my eyes and gives me headaches, so I have to resort to turning the brightness way down on my monitor and just use it without the extension. 

  • Dustin Garonzik

    Not sure why Zendesk doesn't have dark mode built in and is relying on third party apps for their own system? SOS Product managers to put this in.

  • Brandon F.

    I would really like to see a Dark mode Theme,  the free options they shared on the old post are not free anymore there is a charge to use them. 


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