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  • James G
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hello Joshua Bentley

    Yes, this is possible. By using the "Ticket: Organization is -" as one of the conditions in your Zendesk Support trigger you should be able to set the value of a certain ticket field upon ticket creation. The value "-" in the trigger condition "Organization" will not show up if you have multiple organizations and not selecting anything (leaving it blank) would function the same as choosing "-". You may also see this information in our documentation here - Trigger conditions and actions reference.

    Since you also submitted a ticket about this and we will continue there instead.

    Many thanks!

    James Gibaga | Technical Support Specialist Engineer

  • Joshua Bentley

    Thanks for the reply, James. I also got your direct message to me. 

    It seems like you may not have read my post thoroughly since I specifically said in my post that I do not have "Ticket: Organization is -" as one of the conditions in my Triggers.

    Your direct message seems to grasp my issue better than this response here so let's continue the conversation through that conversation.


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